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Best Mold Remediation and Restoration Services in Maryland

Mold can be a disturbing discovery to encounter. Not only is it an unpleasant sight but it can also emit an unpleasant odor that permeates into everything. If mold is found in your home or business, your most important concern should be directed at mold removal. Many choose to take on mold removal on their own but can lack the background that is necessary for such a task. Cleaning surface mold does not solve the root problem and it can continue to flourish even after being visibly removed. Trust in the highly qualified IICRC professionals of HH Restoration to be your complete mold solution. We are able to handle all aspects of your mold issue from beginning to end.


Due to our area’s high levels of humidity, Maryland is known for mold issues. Mold is a fungus that can flourish most anywhere, both indoors and outdoors and reproduces through spores in the air. It is when these spores settle indoors in favorable environments of moisture and humidity that they have the potential to become dangerous. Not all molds are unhealthy, in fact, some are crucial to the environment and the wellbeing of humans. However, harmful mold can deteriorate structural elements in a building and affect the health of humans. Mold requires a water source to thrive and is usually the result of a larger issue such as a leaking pipe or roof. In order to completely eliminate mold, its root cause will need to be determined and repaired.


If mold has already been confirmed in your property prior to our assessment, we will evaluate the affected area and create an actionable plan. If there is only the suspicion of mold, we are able to perform a thorough mold inspection and mold testing to determine if there is mold growth and what needs to be done if so.

Once we have completed the assessment, we will work to isolate and capture mold from contaminated areas. Building material including drywall and insulation may need to be removed in order to effectively complete remediation. Any materials that were exposed to mold are then safely contained and disposed of.

Any contents that have been contaminated by mold will need to be thoroughly cleaned, sanitized and completely dried for use again. Different cleaning techniques will need to be used for porous and nonporous surfaces. Depending on the severity of mold infestation, it may also be necessary to rebuild areas or structures that have been removed in the process.


HH Restoration is here to help. Our highly qualified IICRC staff has over 10 years experience in handling mold damage and our certified technicians follow all IICRC S520 standards. We provide superior customer service. From the initial mold inspection to the mold remediation process, you will be involved and informed of all parts of the process. Thats what makes us the Best Mold Company in Maryland, we’re customer focused and driven. HH Restoration always puts your home and business first.

Finding mold may be unsettling but HH Restoration can handle any situation presented whether black mold, drywall mold, concrete mold, roof mold, wood mold or content mold. Our mold experts provide all mold restoration services including mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal and mold remediation. HH Restoration is available and prepared 24/7 to handle all of your mold remediation needs.

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