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If the familiar musty odor of mold begins to creep into your home or business, it can be surprising and discouraging. What can be even more discouraging is not being able to confirm the source of the offending odor to verify your concerns. Because mold tends to develop in hidden or harder to see areas like roofs or high ceilings, or behind walls, it can make it that much more difficult to establish whether or not mold is even present. HH Restoration understands your discouragement and is committed to solving your suspicions. We are on call 24/7 to complete a thorough mold inspection and mold testing to correctly diagnose the conditions of your property and lead you through the proper actions to follow.


While not all molds are harmful, the ones that are have the potential to deteriorate structure, adversely affect health and decrease indoor air quality. Certain species of mold are able to eat away at building materials like wood, insulation, drywall and carpet with prolonged exposure. Mold is also known to produce and exacerbate symptoms in otherwise healthy individuals and those with existing conditions. When breathed, the eyes, nose, throat and lungs are all susceptible to irritation and allergic reactions. This in turn, also fosters poor indoor air quality.


If you have already visibly found mold, there is usually no need for mold testing. It is more important to focus efforts on removing the offending mold and remediating the affected area. A mold inspection is generally reserved for those who are unsure if mold is actually present. Mold testing can also be used to ensure that a remediation has been performed properly and all traces of mold have been eliminated.

Our mold inspection begins with a thorough visual inspection of your home or business. We will examine all grounds to identify any areas of moisture or water. Locating the source of mold is the main goal, as mold is typically the result of a larger issue such as a leaking pipe or roof. Our highly qualified IICRC certified technicians may also use specialized equipment to test indoor air quality and moisture levels.

Our trained professionals may also take air and surface samples from your property and analyze them. If mold is identified, we are able to report back to you on the findings and determine the severity and receive a proper protocol to follow on a mold remediation project.


HH Restoration is here to help. Our highly qualified IICRC staff has over 10 years experience in handling mold damage and our certified technicians follow all IICRC S520 standards. We provide superior customer service. From the initial mold inspection to the mold remediation process, you will be involved and informed of all parts of the process. Thats what makes us the Best Mold Company in Maryland, we’re customer focused and driven. HH Restoration always puts your home and business first.

Sometimes mold can be hard to find and requires mold inspection or mold testing in order to prove its presence. HH Restoration can handle any situation presented whether black mold, drywall mold, concrete mold, roof mold, wood mold or content mold. Our mold experts provide all mold restoration services including mold inspection, mold testing, mold removal and mold remediation. HH Restoration is available and prepared 24/7 to handle all of your mold needs.

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