Sewage Removal

#1 Sewage Clean Up In Baltimore, Maryland

There is nothing like a sewage backup or septic tank overflow, or more serious. The smell is unbearable, the costs can be high and the potential health risks can be incredibly dangerous. In this situation, it is not only important to rely on the professionals, as we possess the experience, training and equipment necessary to complete the job properly, but also to recruit immediately. No matter the hour, HH Restoration’s expert professionals are on call to help with emergency response sewer cleanup. We offer complete solutions to restore your home or business back to healthy and liveable conditions. Our technicians will clean and sanitize the affected area, remove odors completely and ensure mold growth is prevented.

What Causes Sewage Backup?

When sewage backs up, it is either an issue with the city’s sewer lines or your individual property’s sewer lines. If only one toilet, sink or tub seems to be experiencing a problem, it could only be that particular drain. However, if every drainage attempt seems to cause a backup, the main sewer line could be the culprit. Additionally, using quick fix chemical solutions can cause further damage than intended. Sewage backup cleanup can be a complex issue that is best reserved for the professionals.

Most clogs are attributed to hair, cooking grease or other solid materials not intended for sewer pipes. Many also use their toilets and garbage disposals as total catchalls and send items down that can cause troublesome clogs.

Even if there are no trees on your property’s sewer line, there may be growth from a neighbor’s yard. Tree roots have the potential to grow into pipes, cause holes or cracks, even wrapping themselves around the line and crushing it.

Older properties are more susceptible to having this issue because sewage lines used to be built with cast iron or clay piping which can easily break down compared to plastic, which is what is most commonly used today.

How Can Sewage Affect My Property

In addition to the frustration of a sewage backup and the atrocious smell, there are also other dangers that are less known or considered. If you are exposed to sewage through an open wound or your mouth, you can be susceptible to disease such as Salmonella, E. Coli, Giardia, Rotavirus, Tetanus or Hepatitis A. These can cause great sickness and a wide range of crippling symptoms including fever, vomiting and diarrhea. If the area is not entirely cleaned up properly, it can affect indoor air quality as well. Those with asthma or allergies can experience a worsening of symptoms. Anytime there is water, there is always the potential for mold growth to develop. In addition to sewage cleanup services, HH Restoration is also able to mitigate or prevent mold from growing.

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