Water Damage

Best Water Damage Restoration Services in Baltimore Maryland

Water is a fast moving and acting agent that has the potential to wreak havoc on your home or business. Its fluidity has the potential to reach every height and ruin virtually any material, making it overwhelming to manage. Burst pipes, overflowed tubs or sinks, faulty appliances and storm or flood waters are all common ways that water damage can occur. HH Restoration understands how stressful and frustrating water damage repair can be and the challenges that can arise. As IICRC certified technicians HH Restoration is always ready to face challenges and meet our customer’s needs. We provide competitively priced solutions with 100% customer satisfaction.

Act Immediately

After water damage occurs, it is most important to act immediately and call the professionals. It does not take long for permanent damage to take lasting effect, but many things can also be salvaged if they have not been left for too long. Aside from the actual water damage, there is also a high potential for mold to develop. New mold growth only requires 24-48 hours to develop and flourishes in wet and humid conditions. Relying on the professionals at HH Restoration can be a welcome support and comfort during a difficult time. Our certified technicians are available at all times to provide emergency services and start the mitigation process.


Each restoration for water damage is handled by its unique circumstance and will be classified by a certain class and category. Water damage classes will determine the severity of damage to a property while water damage categories will determine the level of contaminants. Our main objective is to keep you from further water damage repair such as drywall damage, cupping/damaged flooring, contents that cannot be restored, rotting wood, bacteria growth, delamination of carpet, and rusting of metal materials. Lingering water damage that goes untreated can be hazardous to your health. Were here to help minimize and save all affected areas if possible, with time being of the essence. Generally, there are two parts to a water restoration to ensure complete results.

To respond to the emergency issue and avoid further damage, we will use specialized equipment and techniques to perform water mitigation on affected areas. This process typically involves water extraction to remove excess water, which is key to preventing further water damage. After water has been removed, thorough drying and dehumidification will take place. Contents that have been affected will either be removed for cleaning and sanitizing or safely disposed of. It may also be necessary to secure any severely damaged portions of structure with boards or tarps.

Once the affected area has been dried, our water damage experts will work to restore your property back to pre-incident conditions. This can include replacing flooring, drywall or other structural components. We will also confirm indoor air quality is healthy and no mold is present.

Our Water Damage Restoration Services:

If the waters begin to rise, HH Restoration is ready to help your home or business recede them and return you back to the more important things. We know how chaotic water damage can be and our trained professionals are ready to provide ultimate customer service and water damage repair solutions. HH Restoration is available and prepared 24/7 to handle all of your water damage restoration needs.

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