Water Damage Restoration In Baltimore Maryland

Water is a fast moving and acting agent that has the potential to wreak havoc on your home or business. Its fluidity has the potential to reach every height and ruin virtually any material, making it overwhelming to manage. Burst pipes, overflowed tubs or sinks, faulty appliances and storm or flood waters are all common ways that water damage can occur. H&H Restoration understands how stressful and frustrating water damage repair can be and the challenges that can arise. As IICRC certified technicians H&H Restoration is always ready to face challenges and meet our customer’s needs. We provide competitively priced solutions with 100% customer satisfaction.

Act Immediately

After water damage occurs, it is most important to act immediately and call the professionals. It does not take long for permanent damage to take lasting effect, but many things can also be salvaged if they have not been left for too long. Aside from the actual water damage, there is also a high potential for mold to develop. New mold growth only requires 24-48 hours to develop and flourishes in wet and humid conditions. Relying on the professionals at H&H Restoration can be a welcome support and comfort during a difficult time. Our certified technicians are available at all times to provide emergency services and start the mitigation process.

What Is The Water Damage Restoration Process?

There are many things that will go through your mind if water damage occurs in your home or business such as “where did this come from?”, “how much will this cost me?” or “does my insurance cover this entirely?”. Water damage is (hopefully) not an event that occurs regularly so it is understandable that many may not know what the next steps are or what they should expect following a water damage crisis. There are many possible causes of water damage including natural disasters, a burst water pipe, plumbing issues or water backup. Restoring water can be a simple process, such as mopping and light drying, or challenging, such as restoring an entire section of a house. If water damage occurred, restoring the home to where it can be livable involves removing the water and drying and quick action must be taken because moisture can cause a mold and bacteria build-up, and extended time in conditions can trigger allergic reactions and disease.

Water Restoration Process

When water damage occurs, it is usually categorized and classified into different levels of severity and kind. This helps to determine risk and what kind of equipment will be used. Though water damage is hardly organized, there is a very organized way of categorizing and classifying it. Categories of water damage detail the level of contaminants and classes of water damage will determine how much water is involved and what materials have been affected. A water damage professional will thoroughly inspect the extent of the damage to floors, walls, and ceiling in order to determine the outline of the restoration.

Categories Of Water Damage

1st Category

A category one water damage can quickly develop to a category two if it’s not fixed immediately. This water damage relates to sources of clean water, such as broken pipes. There is no danger of infection if this water is ingested.

2nd Category

This water damage involves grey water or water from a dishwasher or a washing machine. This water will make you sick if ingested because it contains detergent. It contains unsafe biological matters that are unsafe such as chemicals.

3rd Category

In this case, the water is severely contaminated, containing toxins and pathogens, including raw sewage, also known as black water, this can cause illness or death. 

Classes Of Water Damage

Class 1

The damage includes only a part of a room that absorbed a small amount of water and is the least damaged level.

Class 2

Damages that affected an entire room, including carpet and walls.

Class 3

This class of damage is considered to be the worst because the walls absorbed water, most of the house has been saturated, and water went through the ceiling.

Class 4

The damage done in this class only affects materials such as concrete, hardwood, and stone that require specialty drying.

Once your property has been categorized and classified, the next step is to remove any excess water. Specialized equipment and techniques may be used to quickly and efficiently remove water so that drying can take place. Drying is an especially important step so as to ensure there is no mold growth. After water has been removed, thorough drying and dehumidification will take place. Contents that have been affected will either be removed for cleaning and sanitizing or safely disposed of. It may also be necessary to secure any severely damaged portions of structure with boards or tarps. When the affected area has been completely dried, water damage restoration professionals will work to restore your property back to pre-incident conditions. This can include replacing flooring, drywall or other structural components and confirming indoor air quality is healthy and no mold is present.

H&H Restoration in Baltimore Maryland

H&H Restoration aims to provide the best and top notch restoration services to our clients. Services include but not limited to: Restoration/Remediation, pipe burst, basement flooding, fire damage, smoke damage, mold damage and leaking roofs. With our state of the art equipment and IICRC certified technicians, your home or business is in the right hands. With over 10 years of experience our goal is to get you back to pre-loss conditions with professional Restoration services. We also work with all Insurance Carriers. We have been in the business since 2009 and are located in Baltimore, Maryland. H&H strives to provide the best Restoration/Remediation services in Maryland; we make sure the provided solutions are efficient and effective. Our highly qualified and IICRC certified technicians are available 24/7 7 days a week and just a phone call away.

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