Can Water Damage Affect Your Health?

Water damage, whether from plumbing issues, septic or sewage backup, or natural disasters, poses a serious threat to your health if not addressed quickly.

Prolonged exposure to water damage can weaken structures, produce foul odors signaling mold and mildew, reduce indoor air quality, and lead to hazardous mold growth with significant health risks.

Health problems stemming from water damage primarily involve mold growth and water contamination.

Here are some of the risks that come with it:

Health Risks from Mold and Water Damage

Mold grows well in places where there is water damage, and this mold can make breathing problems like asthma and allergies much worse.

Some molds even release harmful toxins that can cause severe respiratory issues, fevers, and breathing difficulties.

Contamination Risks and Structural Damage

Contaminated water poses a bunch of problems:

  1. Exposure to contaminated water can open you up to gastrointestinal, skin, and respiratory infections.
  2. The chemicals in floodwaters can lead to neurological, pulmonary, or renal diseases.
  3. Drinking or being exposed to contaminated water can result in severe illnesses, including diarrhea and vomiting.
  4. Getting sick from being in contaminated environments can include skin diseases and breathing problems.
  5. Insects and rodents are drawn to wet places, which can make health problems worse.

On top of these concerns, there are risks to the structure itself. Compromised electrical systems can increase the risk of shocks or fires and water damage can erode structural stability, posing physical dangers.

Prevention and Remediation

Quickly fixing water damage is important to stop the growth of mold and the spread of contamination.

Most of the time, hiring professional cleanup services is the only way to get rid of the problem and make things better.

H&H Restoration specializes in water damage restoration. Our team of IICRC-certified technicians provides comprehensive services, from water extraction to cleanup and repair. Contact us today for more help.

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